David Reinecker

Beverly Hills Dog Trainer photo

David Reinecker is a dog trainer in Beverly Hills, CA who teaches private lessons, addressing everything from basic training to anxiety, fear and aggression issues. He is dedicated to gentle training techniques and is committed to bringing these concepts into the lives of dogs and their families. He believes that dogs are easily trained, provided their owners understand how dogs view and respond to their surroundings.

A resident dog trainer for local veterinary clinics and a household name among Hollywood’s elite, dog behaviorist, David Reinecker, has utilized his 30 years of experience to transform some of the “top dogs” in tinsel town from dastardly to delightful, including those cared for by Maria Shriver, Kirk Douglas, Snoop Dogg, Josh Lucas and Jon Cryer. David’s A-list clientele include celebrities, models, athletes, musicians, national and international government officials, members of foreign royal families and business tycoons.