Puppy Socialization Classes

It is important to expose your puppy to as many situations as possible.
We will teach your puppy to tolerate certain situations or experiences. This will be accomplished through repeated exposure to specific situations. The technical term for this practice is habituation. Fears, phobias and aggression are not the only problems that a dog may develop if not properly socialized. Other problems involve: learning disabilities, jealousy, insecurity, anxiety, submissive urination, barking, sexual disorders, running away, destructive behavior, etc.

Puppies should be given plenty of opportunities to explore. Early-on puppies learn at an incredibly quick pace. As a pack, puppies will gain confidence. As they mature, each puppy will learn independence. After getting a puppy, new owners should continue their exposure for the next eight-to-20 weeks. You can do this by allowing your puppy to investigate their own home environment and other environments as well.

The goal of our puppy socialization classes is to make your puppy more adaptable and confident. Your puppy will experience an assortment of things, hear different noises, been taken to different places and interact with different people and children.