Family Dog Training

A family dog can be a wonderful addition to the entire family. If you have young children they will certainly benefit from having a dog in their lives in many different ways, from learning about responsibility as well as to sharing the affection and loyalty that only a dog can bring to a family. While dogs and children frequently enjoy playing together, the pleasure of having a family dog can be increased through family dog training.

Family dog training is intended to include the entire family in learning how to handle the dog appropriately. This is particularly important for children who sometimes may not realize that their playful behavior could be harmful or painful to their pet, which can increase the danger to the child as well as to the dog. Through appropriate family training, the entire family will learn how to utilize the same commands in order to obtain consistent results. This form of dog training also provides a golden opportunity for children and the family dog to interact with one another in a completely safe environment so that the dog can become properly socialized.

In-home Family Dog Training Services

  • Dog bite prevention and management
  • Preparing dog for new baby arrival
  • Introducing a new dog to the family
  • Family dog basic obedience training
  • Dog and children socialization
  • Family dog behavior modification programs

While family dog training is often geared for a new puppy that has been added to the family dynamics, this form of dog training can also include an older dog as well as a dog that has been rescued from a shelter as well. In order for the most benefits to be obtained from family dog training, it is important for all members of the family to consistently attend training sessions.

Furthermore, kids will learn important details that will help to guide them in caring for their new family pet. This not only ensures that the dog receives adequate care but also teaches kids important elements about the responsibility involved in caring for a pet as well, which is a lesson that will serve them well throughout life.

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What are the Benefits of Family Dog Training?

When the family, including children, and the family dog attend training together the benefits are numerous. The dog will learn how to respond appropriately to the children in the family, as well as any other children they may spend time around in the future, which can limit the possibility of danger. In addition, the children learn how to appropriately respond to the dog. This makes for a much happier and more content family unit. As a result of the elements involved in family dog training, the entire family will be able to continue enjoying the dog well beyond the point when the ‘novelty’ typically wears off of having a new pet. Instruction regarding safe interaction and appropriate play ensures that the family will have happy future with their dog.

Our Beverly Hills family dog training lessons are typically appropriate for any family, although it is a good idea to call us in advance to determine the age ranges for the children that are to attend the training lesson, especially if your child is age five or younger. Our lessons will help to reinforce what is learned in training as well as to provide adequate supervision and support to young children as they learn to effectively manage their dogs.