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The Problem of Dog Obesity in the United States

Sadly, the percentage of overweight pets in the United States is growing at a high rate. In a 2008 Herald-Sun article, The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is quoted as saying “48 percent of pets in the United States are

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The Golden Years: Senior Dog Care

Dogs are living longer than they ever have before, and we have the best of everything to keep them healthy and comfortable for a long time. Caring for the older dog is not a lot different than a younger dog,

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Tips to Keep your Dog Warm During the Winter

Winter can be just as difficult on our dogs as it can be for us, especially in the parts of the country where the weather is cold, icy, or snowy. Some dogs are better adjusted to cold weather, like double-coated

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Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs and Puppies

Halloween can be lots of fun for your dog. Some owners even like to dress up their pets in Halloween costumes, either to go out trick-or-treating or to go to a nice doggy costume party. You can check your local

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10 Tips for Camping with your Dog

Ahh! …The thrill of the great outdoors, hiking trails, fresh air, and your four legged buddy alongside you for the adventure. Camping is an American outdoor pastime and owners across the nation have been inviting their canine best friend along

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