The Problem of Dog Obesity in the United States

Sadly, the percentage of overweight pets in the United States is growing at a high rate. In a 2008 Herald-Sun article, The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is quoted as saying “48 percent of pets in the United States are

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The Golden Years: Senior Dog Care

Dogs are living longer than they ever have before, and we have the best of everything to keep them healthy and comfortable for a long time. Caring for the older dog is not a lot different than a younger dog,

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Conformation and Obedience Competitions Explained

Conformation shows are intended to help breeders compare their dogs against other dogs, and against a breed standard, so they can make the best possible choices for future breeding decisions from a physical viewpoint. A judge who is well-versed in

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Tips for Successful Dog Training

Dog training is a fun bonding experience with your dog, and it should be enjoyable for both owner and dog. Following some tried and true tips helps lead to a successful dog training experience. The most important thing to remember

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Jack Russell Terrier Training and Care

The Jack Russell Terrier (now called the Parson Russell Terrier by the American Kennel Club) has been running fox to ground in England since the mid-1800s. These small Terriers are friendly and affectionate in the home, and they have lots

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